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MIHOST.COM Receives 2009 Award from the "Bizz Awards"
MIHOST.COM Recognized For Outstanding Quality has been awarded as the best Web Design Company in Costa Rica 2008


MIHOST.COM Receives 2009 Award from the "Bizz Awards"

The web hosting company received the award "The Bizz Awards 2009" for being considered an enterprising company with quality service, innovation and success.

The award "The Bizz Awards" is awarded each year by the World Confederation of Businesses (WCB), an international organization that promotes business development worldwide.

In choosing the award winner, the WCB analyzes seven criteria of excellence, including: Business Leadership, Management Systems, Quality Products and Services, Innovation, Creativity, Corporate Social Responsibility and Results.

THE BIZZ AWARDS 2009” is the deserved and tangible recognition of the efforts and achievements of this company in becoming a successful institution, which it has done, as evidenced by its results, while at the same time, providing significant benefits to the country. ”Consequently, more than the award itself, our intention is to highlight the great work of the company, with business excellence worthy of imitation" said the WCB.

Besides, more than 40 other leading companies and institutions in Costa Rica were also award-winners, including: Agricultural Credit Bank of Cartago, Color Vision SA, Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (Cost Rican Social Security), PriceSmart Costa Rica,Petrogas SA, and Aerodan SA.

About the World Confederation of Businesses

The World Confederation of Businesses is an international organization whose intention through this award is to promote business development worldwide, through the dissemination of experiences and success stories which can be used by other companies as a model. is Internationally Recognized
by its Services and High Quality and
Business Excellence
2008 - 2009
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