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Saturday, 30 May 2020

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MIHOST.COM Receives 2009 Award from the "Bizz Awards"
MIHOST.COM Recognized For Outstanding Quality has been awarded as the best Web Design Company in Costa Rica 2008


MIHOST.COM Recognized For Outstanding Quality

As a strong sign of their appreciation for the development of the Central American market, The Latin American Quality Institute awarded the Costa Rican Web Hosting company MIHOST.COM SA for its outstanding work to achieve total quality.

The Central American Company of the Year 2009 Award Ceremony, held on May 1st at the Marriott Hotel is the most significant Latin America award which highlights the importance and relevance of businesses in Central America.

The certificates issued by The Latin American Quality Institute are endorsed by 15 agencies on 5 continents and create a global awareness of its members in the world market.

The Latin American Quality Institute re-affirms its goal to be the most important Institute of Development Standards of Quality Standards and in Latin America.

Maximilian Daniel Da Costa, CEO of the organization says "The hard work, innovation and entrepreneurship are reflected in MIHOST.COM winning tonight. Businessmen like Mr. Renzo Barra are helping build a strong country and steering the Latin American economy.”

This year the organization recognizes the achievements of its members for their management, leadership and especially for their focus on the personal and professional development of each employee, because it means an improvement in the culture of personal quality itself, which we know is necessary for future development.

Among the winners are companies in the areas of education, industry, commerce, and banking, that recognized and responded effectively to the global economic crisis and that continue their strong quality policies – they include:






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